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Redefine Laundry Day

with Laundry Matters' Pickup and Delivery Service

Convenient - Customizable - Next-Day Turnaround

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Introducing the Laundry Matters Mobile App

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Winston-Salem's premier pickup and delivery service.

ABC’s of Laundry


Time is money and your time is important. We pick up seven days a week and we never surprise you with up-charges or hidden fees. Cancel anytime or schedule additional pickups. Stop wasting time doing laundry and get back to doing the things you love.

Better Quality

Laundry Matters has decades of experience in dry cleaning and laundry. Our employees are careful, thorough, and experts in how to do laundry. We offer a variety of detergents, softners, and natural / fragrance free options to meet all your laundry needs.


Schedule same day pickup and get your clothes back in 24 hours. Need to leave us special instructions just log into your account anytime, anywhere. We can pickup at your home or your work. We’ll help you never worry about laundry again.


From pickup to delivery, your clothes are in the hands of experts that live and breathe laundry. We separate your darks and lights, check your pockets, use the correct temperature and never wash your clothes with anyone else’s. We always check the care label of each garment and follow any special instructions that you include. When you get your laundry back your going to wonder how you ever lived without us!

Wash & Fold

Sorted by color, pre-treated for stains, pockets checked, washed, dried and folded exactly the way you want all in state-of-the-art, high efficiency machines.

Commercial Laundry

Interested in learning more about Laundry Matters’ competitive commercial laundry pricing? Email or call (336) 817-3761.


There’s a laundry-free world a click away.

Join Today

You’re just 3 minutes from never doing laundry again.

Choose a Plan

Weekly or By Request – choose the plan that works for you.


Select soaps, washing and drying temps, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, folding preferences and more.


Read a book. Get outside. Play with the kids. Grab a drink with friends. See a movie. We’ll take it from here.


Click, Tap or Text

We think your time should be spent doing things you love, not worrying about washing and folding laundry. That’s why we made it easy to schedule and manage your laundry from anywhere. Receive a reminder, manage multiple pick-ups, or change your settings. Whatever you need to do accomplish it with just a few simple clicks and get more time to do more important work than laundry. Join Laundry Matters today and get back to doing the things you love.



$1.80 per pound


$1.90 per pound


Let’s put your name on this list!

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